About the documentary…

I’m not sure where to start in expressing my gratitude to everyone who has believed in me and encouraged me to write my book—I’m truly beyond grateful.

Since the book was published six months ago, Bob and I have hit the road and traveled across Minnesota: from my hometown of Worthington, to Bemidji, to Rochester, Brainerd, and many places in between.

We’ve met so many amazing people who’ve inspired me even more…

While many venues are still afraid of protesters, we’ve been welcomed at book clubs, VFW posts, Eagles Clubs, churches, bars (Bob’s favorite) and not just one—but two airport hangers—by people who stand behind our mission to let the truth be told.

People who were once strangers have now become dear friends. And people from all over Minnesota have invited us to their events. We will never be able to thank you all enough for all of your kind words and support. You’ve truly helped to fight back against those who aren’t willing to listen or recognize the facts.

Because of all of your encouragement, I’ve found the strength and inspiration to take the bold next step in this mission: producing a documentary.

The documentary will help bring even more of the truth to light and let others tell their own stories in their own words.

Since the book was published, more people have found the courage to come forward and speak out about the deep-rooted lies and corruption.

To help tell their stories—and to make this crowdfunded documentary a reality—I’m humbly asking for your support.

I’ve been working with Defend The Heroes, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting law enforcement and uncovering the facts about crime and public safety. This is a top-notch outfit that’s already done so much to help behind the scenes (and their directors volunteer their time and expertise).

Donations for the documentary are tax-deductible and will go directly to pay for production costs.

We’re planning to release the movie this fall.

With more book stops ahead in May and June, I hope you will please stop by and say hello (or talk about how this has affected us all).

Again, with utmost sincerity and gratitude, thank you!

—Liz Collin