Liz Collin in Candace Owens’ Documentary about BLM Fraud

Author and Emmy-award-winning investigative reporter Liz Collin and her husband Bob Kroll were part of the cast featured in Candace Owen’s documentary The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.

Liz discussed how she was a reporter and anchor at a CBS affiliate in the Twin Cities when she was cancelled and demoted. Although she never said a word about the arrest and death of George Floyd on the air, Liz would never anchor again for the news station due to her marriage to Lt. Bob Kroll, who was president of the police union at the time. Since “defunding the police” was all the rage at the time, the “optics” were apparently too concerning for news executives.

Liz also spoke about the protests outside her news studio, and the two protests outside her own home. She also explained the hardship of trying to explain the riots, the protests, and the bomb threats they were receiving to her then-seven-year-old son.

In talking about her experience, while attending the premiere of the documentary, Liz explained:

“It was an honor to work with Candace and help expose the lies behind BLM. They exploited the death of George Floyd and took advantage of good-hearted people in Minneapolis. Their lies turned “Minnesota nice” into Minnesota naïve.”

—Liz Collin

Candace’s documentary is available on the Daily Wire.

The trailer for Candace’s documentary can be viewed here:

(Source: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold)