Liz Collin’s viral article shines national spotlight on questions about George Floyd case

Along with her investigative reporting, Alpha News reporter Liz Collin has produced a crowdfunded documentary, The Fall of Minneapolis. The documentary is being presented and released by Alpha News on Nov. 16.

A recent Alpha News article written by Liz Collin explains how at least two prosecutors were reluctant to charge former Minneapolis police officers for the murder of George Floyd in 2020.

Court testimony from an unrelated case reveals a conversation between Hennepin County prosecutor Amy Sweasy and Dr. Andrew Baker, the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy of George Floyd. Sweasy recalled that Dr. Baker “called me later in the day on that Tuesday and he told me that there were no medical findings that showed any injury to the vital structures of Mr. Floyd’s neck. There were no medical indications of asphyxia or strangulation.”

Trailer from Liz Collin’s upcoming crowdfunded documentary “The Fall of Minneapolis”

Sweasy also testified that Dr. Baker asked, “Amy, what happens when the actual evidence doesn’t match up with the public narrative that everyone’s already decided on?’ And then he said, ‘This is the kind of case that ends careers.’”

Collin’s article has attracted millions of views and commentary from Tucker Carlson, Andy Ngo, Matt Walsh, The American Spectator, American Greatness, The Post Millennial, and other media personalities and publishers. It also prompted so-called “fact-checking” from Newsweek.

While Sweasy’s testimony may have attracted attention recently, Collin explained that “this isn’t anything new.” She featured some of the notes taken by prosecutors along with Dr. Baker’s original findings in her book, “They’re Lying: The Media, The Left, and The Death of George Floyd,” which was published last year.

In one of the memos, prosecutors noted that if George Floyd were found at home, it “could be acceptable to call an OD.” The memos also indicate the results of the toxicology report: Mr. Floyd had 11 ng/ml of fentanyl in his system and that “deaths have been certified w/levels of 3,” according to Dr. Baker.

Another memo corroborates two of the most significant findings from the autopsy: 1) multiple factors likely contributed to Floyd’s death; and 2) no physical signs of asphyxia or bodily injury were found, according to Dr. Baker.

Collin said she included the memos in her book to let people see the facts for themselves. She also wanted to document how the prosecutors violated rules of conduct in meeting with Dr. Baker. Consequently, three prosecutors and former Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman were banned from working on the case against Chauvin and the three other police officers.

While Collin appreciates the recent attention to the case, she did not expect the article to receive much attention. “I didn’t expect much because I’ve been speaking out about the lies and lack of impartiality in this case for years. So, I’m even more grateful that a lot more people are starting to see through the lies that politicians, the media, and so-called activists have been telling us for far too long,” she said.

Former police officers Derek Chauvin, Alex Kueng, Thomas Lane, and Tou Thao are currently serving prison sentences for the “murder” of Floyd. Chauvin, who continues to fight for a fair and impartial trial, was sentenced to 22.5 years in prison and has recently filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court.

The article is just one part of Collin’s commitment to telling the truth about this case. Along with her investigative reporting, she has produced a crowdfunded documentary, The Fall of Minneapolis. The documentary is being presented and released by Alpha News on Nov. 16.