Delays at the Hennepin County Library, or is it Lie-brary?

As Alpha News reported, the delay in circulating Liz Collin’s book They’re Lying at the Hennepin County Library in Minneapolis seems dubious.

After several demands from community members, the library administration purchased at least four copies of the book in December. The book is still not available—even though there are nearly 100 people waiting to check out the book.

Library administration blamed COVID for the delays. However, that hardly explains why the book was categorized under “Conspiracy Theories” despite the fact that every claim in the book is thoroughly supported by documented evidence.

We’re not sure what’s so theoretical about author Liz Collin receiving death threats in the mail, or the first-hand accounts from police officers who were trapped inside the Third Precinct building when it was given up to supposedly “peaceful protesters” who set it on fire, or any of the actual documents that were included in the book. But according the the Hennepin County Library, these have less to do with facts, and more to do with “conspiracy theory.”

Meanwhile the truth about this death of George Floyd, the riots, and the political corruption in Minneapolis as reported by Liz—and documented by hundreds of footnote citations—seems to be delayed. Yet the Hennepin County lie-brarians seemed to have taken the time to mislabel the book while tax-payers wait in the meantime to process a book that was published four months ago…

The Hennepin County Library staff can be contacted accordingly:

TEXT: (612) 400-7722

PHONE: (612) 543-5669

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