They’re Lying: Audiobook Now Available

Liz Collin’s book, They’re Lying: The Media, The Left, and The Death of George Floyd, is now available as an audiobook on Amazon and

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Liz not only wrote the book, she narrates it in her own voice and news reporter style. The audiobook also includes Kim Lund reading her own words along with the Afterword spoken by Avery Severson (a teenager who was also cancelled by mainstream news media).

Hearing from those who there…

The book also features others in their own words (which they probably have come to regret since). For example, it includes the gang shout-out from Reverend Jerry McAfee at the start of George Floyd’s funeral. It also includes the racist tirade from Minnesota Representative John Thompson—who screamed about the KKK in front of Liz’s house before bashing a piñata that looked like her and her husband Lt. Bob Kroll in her driveway. The words of civil rights attorney Nekima Levy Armstrong directing “black people” to take a knee under the flagpole in Liz’s yard can also be heard.

Attorney Nekima Levy Armstrong taking a knee and trespassing and taking a knee on Liz Collin’s front lawn during a BLM protest outside her house.

Minnesota Accents & More…

Book editor Dr. JC Chaix also read the words of some of the people who Liz interviewed but where unavailable during the audiobook production. Dr. Chaix explained his preparations. “It’s an honor to speak for others, but also a great responsibility. So I was truly concerned—I have a peculiar accent and tend to revert to my New York roots, especially when reading aloud with intensity. Needless to say, I had to practice saying “Sooo” and “yeah” and “nooo” with a Minnesota accent as best I could. I listened to the interviews Liz conducted over and over. I think I watched the movie Fargo at least ‘two, three, times real quick once’ in between.” Jokes aside, like Liz, he hoped to bring life and meaning to the words of others, especially since many people really haven’t heard the truth about death of George Floyd.

Liz said she hopes those who don’t “often read books” will find the audiobook helpful. Liz explained, “the book was meant for print. It was meant to be visual since it relies heavily upon facts taken from documents. So, while listeners can’t ‘see’ these documents in the audiobook, I hope it helps them hear and understand more of the truth just the same.”

Paper Birch Press, the publisher of They’re Lying both in print and as an audiobook, hopes to have key documents from the book available to audiobook listeners sometime in the near future.

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